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I have the first Battride War coming in the mail right now, and I get paid tomorrow. Very tempted to get Battride War 2 TV sound ver. but it’s 81 dollars. It’s also the last one in stock on Amazon.

Someone convince me to throw my money away.

Decided to put all my Love Live shit in a single folder to see just how much I have and

I’m not obsessed you are

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again.

The time when images of the new Rider leak, people complain about the new Rider and people complain about the complainers.

Kaguya EX is really fun.


With recent leaks from Televi-kun, Kamen Rider Drive’s civilian identity is finally revealed.

Tomari Shinnosuke, a car fanatic and police officer, transforms into Kamen Rider Drive. The high tech belt, Drive Driver, is actually Shinnosuke’s partner and it’s able to talk. Drive Driver supports Shinnosuke during fights with advice, and Shinnosuke tends to call it, “Mr. Belt (Belt-san)“.

Shinnosuke transforms by changing a Shift Car into Lever Mode and then inserting it to the Shift Bracelet.

Kamen Rider Drive is also equipped with different Shift Cars that can change the tire on his body and his attributes. Such as the Midnight Shadow, this Shift Car makes Drive more ninja-like. Other Shift Cars include Max Flare and Funky Spike.

Source: TokusatsuNetwork


Love Live SIF? What’s that?

How do you play that game?